About LakewoodAlive

LakewoodAlive is a community-centered nonprofit organization in Lakewood, Ohio.  We seek to foster and sustain vibrant neighborhoods in Lakewood through:

Fostering and sustaining vibrant neighborhoods is at the heart of all we do at LakewoodAlive.  For us, a neighborhood connects the people and places we care about – from our neighbors on our street to the corner businesses we love.  We work with residents to sustain Lakewood homes; we promote our thriving business district; and we host large-scale community events that bring Lakewood residents and businesses together.  At LakewoodAlive, we work to build new and stronger connections in everything we do.

Our Mission

LakewoodAlive is a community-centered nonprofit that fosters and sustains vibrant neighborhoods.

Our Vision

Our vision is a welcoming community that thrives on engaged residents, desirable housing and an entrepreneurial spirit that connect in strong diverse neighborhoods to maximize quality of life.


Our History

  • 2004 – Lakewood Community Progress Inc. (LCPI) is founded by the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce and the City of Lakewood and secures its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.
  • 2005 – LCPI achieves the distinction of serving as a National Main Street™ community. In this role, we promote the ongoing revitalization of Downtown Lakewood through hosting large-scale community events, facilitating the Downtown Business Alliance (DLBA) merchant association, assisting with aesthetic and design improvements and undertaking additional initiatives aimed at fostering a more vibrant downtown district.  We also seek to assist other commercial corridors throughout Lakewood.
  • 2008 – LCPI merges with LakewoodAlive, a resident-based organization that was founded to advocate citizen engagement in economic development issues. The merger broadens the capacity of both organizations to promote economic development and improve quality of life in Lakewood.
  • 2009 – LakewoodAlive launches its Housing Outreach Program in recognition of housing quality as Lakewood’s economic lynchpin. The program connects low- to moderate-income residents with housing resources and educational services, facilitates volunteer labor to complete home repairs, administers a paint rebate program and strives to ensure healthy and safe housing in Lakewood. This holistic, collaborative approach has resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars being invested in the community to stabilize and improve the city’s aging housing stock while helping homeowners protect their biggest investment.
  • 2014 – LakewoodAlive celebrates its 10th anniversary during its annual fundraising gala in February.
  • 2016 – LakewoodAlive concludes its 12th year having completing 46 volunteer housing projects with an estimated community impact exceeding $40,000, and having hosted 20 community events drawing nearly 40,000 attendees, among other community-centered accomplishments.

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